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Extreme Privacy

Extreme Privacy 1974 SD
  • Acteur: Liu Yi Kai, Buyi Xin
  • Synopsis: Mencerita About avoidable workplace, the family happy, gentle and kind CFO Songzi Yu, her husband Chen Guohao traveling for business, night, lonely night on the advice of her husband, online shopping supplies female masturbation, even provoke mysterious telephone harassment midnight indecent, live longer edgy, extreme fear destroy Ziyu Songs physical, mental, everything was dense fog. Rainy night, a man in a black mask appeared, Songzi Yu was taken to a psychiatric hospital. Guohao Chen’s wife back in safety related, fog, peering privacy? Who triggers the problem? Try to do
évaluation IMDb 7.2/10 - 167 votos
Durée 98 min
Première 11 Apr 2010
Pays Japan
Langue Japanese
Prix N/A
Genre Crime,romance
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